To many, my life might well appear to be a jungle of varied and competing interests, a new book on the evolution and theory of knowledge (Elegantly Simple), a not-for-profit company (Sustainablearning) focused on revolutionizing mathematics instruction through spreadsheets, and a community arts effort to develop numbersense in all of our children (Sidewalk Math). Yet for me these are all part of a single dream, to change the way we educate our children. I dream of a time in the not too distant future when productive imagination is our goal for every student. I dream of a time when our schools will truly enable every child to learn what interests them. I dream of a time when educators, parents, and caregivers see the arts as profoundly fundamental as the sciences, uniting them to provide the skills of the future.

Thus I dedicate this site to a new making learning a creative process and ask you to contribute in words and curriculum to provide all of our children with the tools to build a truly productive imagination.

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Unifying Art & Science

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