Unique Artifacts


~70,000 year old art from Blombos Cave
~70,000 year old art from Blombos Cave

Human beings are patternmakers. We construct patterns to hold and order our experience. I call those patterns artifacts because they are human constructions. We make such patterns constantly, but of those we do and can construct only a few are worth keeping, sharing, and filling with our experiences. Those unique artifacts are the precious things we call knowledge. We know them by their beauty for they are among the simplest patterns we can construct for the task they are to serve. 

Unique artifacts are a new singular idea, only the 5th in all of human history, and the first since the late 1850’s. They will enable a revolution in knowledge across the disciplines. And they will enable us to achieve a long desired goal to unite art and science. I invite you to join me in this extraordinary voyage of invention and discovery.



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Unifying Art & Science

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